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Hector Rufrancos is an economist. His research interests are wide and varied. They mainly relate to labour economics, inequality, debt, financial economics.

michaeljhamilton has yet to write his blurb1. He prefers it that way (for now). You’re invited to take his word for it that he knows his onions. Vegetables aside, you should view with considerable scepticism his ramblings about money, finance and geopolitics.


Although it should probably go without saying…

I will remind anyone reading that the views of Hector Rufrancos are just that, his own personal views. They in no way, shape, or form represent those of his employers. All cock-ups in interpretation or misunderstanding are his and his alone.

Furthermore, the views expressed by michaeljhamilton are products of his imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual views held by persons (including himself) or other entities, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Lastly, by reading this blog you accept that the authors do not exist and are merely some very very good AI spambots. We are the proverbial ghosts in the machine. If you wish to contact either of us we can be reached at (firstname in lowercase) For any website related issues you can also contact the sysadmin at sysadmin arroba (Pro tip if you don’t know what an arroba is wikipedia it)


1. This information may be out of date.

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