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Draconian anti-piracy doesn’t work

1 April, 2012

So it’s true. Draconian anti-piracy schemes don’t really work. Ars Tecnica reports that a recent report by the Hadopi scheme in France finds:

For all the fanfare in Hadopi’s 14-page report celebrating the crackdown on music and video piracy, the music and video industries in France did not see increased profit in 2011 compared to the year before. The overall recorded music industry saw a 3.9 percent loss, and France’s video market dropped 2.7 percent

This suggests that the studios insistence that piracy implies lost sales is a load of bollocks. Given that they did not see increases in revenue it suggests in fact that individuals who pirated are those unlikely to purchase anyway.

So in short censorship schemes are crap. And have little to no effect. Furthermore, you have shit for brains if you think that this will somehow save dying business models.


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